Welcome to Autmotive Interior Exclusives


Welcome to Automotive Interior Exlcusives, where passion meets perfection.

Love cars, love your interior – Automotive Interior Exclusives was established in 2019 and arose from a true passion for the super- and hypercar.

Our aspiration is to materialise the fiery passion for the automobile. By exclusively using authentic car parts from the planets most desirable supercars an unmatched level of excellence is achieved. Respectively converting a devestating accident into a stunning reincarnation of the mighty supercar.

Discover how this concept came to life and turned dreams into reality or visit our diverse range of the latest interior pieces.

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Our product range is limitless. Two of our current specialisations are engine block tables, engine block wineracks and the newest addition brake disc clocks.  

Each of our interior pieces is a truly unique art piece, this level of exclusivity and uniqueness is reached every unfortunate and disheartening event that takes place beforehand of constructing these pieces, an accident or faillure. Though such an event is extremely unwishful and devestating for the cars owner , it provides us with the oppourtunity to save the spirit of this beastly machine and capture some of its spirit in an exquisite interior piece in remembrance of the supercar. 

Every single piece has its own history and story to tell, making them one of a kind interior pieces and giving it an extra, tremendously special touch. 

Though we oftentimes work with Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche parts. This does not mean we are limiting the creation of interior pieces to supercar brands exclusively. Each individual has a special attachement to an automobile and we are delighted to work on projects from sportscars to the nostalgic classics, such as a Jaguar E-type or Aston Martin. 

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One of one pieces, hand-build to perfection