Engine Block Tables

Engine block tables

The perfect coffe table for the true petrolhead, an engine block table! Invented in 1872 the internal combustion engine has been powering us along for decades. And even on the verge of a dramatic change with electrification gaining its share in the automotive world, the combustion engine will always have a place in our car loving heart. No such thing can trigger our scenses like a burbling V8, howling V10, earthshaking V12 and not to forget a Nissan GT-R’s popping V6. 

Simply said, we love our combustion engines and if they eventually have to make way for electric motors than we are going to make sure some of these incredibly designed engines are transformed into the most beautiful engine block tables, for you.  Whether it is an office, garage or mancave, the engine block table is always an eye-catcher and great to show off your automotive passion.

Take a look on some of our engine block table examples or contact us if you have special desires. Everything is possible to create your ultimate engine block table!

Jaguar E-Type crankschaft table

Aston Martin V8 engine block table

One of one pieces, hand-build to perfection