Our Story


Love cars, love your interior – Automotive Interior Exclusives was established in 2019 and came from a true passion for cars. 

Back in 2019, we saw a beautiful Ferrari 458 wrecked on the side motorway and this hurt our car-loving heart. All this craftmanship, technique and beauty was thrown away. However, from this tragedy a unique concept was born. 

It pains us  as Petrolheads, every time we see one of these astonishing machines crashed on the side of the road . This incredible amount of craftmanship, engineering and soul shatters into a million pieces.

When these supercars do tragically crash they still posess some beautiful parts, oftentimes not reusable, but still  in decent condition. Rather than crush, take apart or let them rust away, we, Automotive Interior Exclusives re-use these parts and convert them into the most astonishing interior accessories. 

Our aspiration is to materialise the fiery passion for the automobile. By exclusively using authentic car parts from the planets most desirable supercars an unmatched level of excellence is achieved. Respectively converting a devestating accident into a stunning reincarnation of the mighty supercar.

This is how the spirit of the fallen supercar lives on and we can make you overjoyed by bringing a tailor-made piece of your dream car into your interior.


Marcus van der Heijden 
CEO & Founder 

John Ligtenberg
Executive Manager Communications

JD Customs – The Dutch Merchant – Supercar Sunday – Meijers Autobedrijf – Nino Hooymans

Marcus Automotive Interior Exclusives

Owner- CEO, Marcus van der Heijden

Supercars have always been my passion, it all started with my little toy car  on which I started to do slides and pushing it to the limits, I was just two years old at that time. That passion only grew stronger and stronger over the years, visiting every supercar meet-, show- or event and museums. For me, driving brings up a sensation nowhere else to be found, it is truly something special and difficult to explain, but I am sure you can relate!

Another passion of mine is entrepreneurship, discovering- and developing new concepts and ideas. So I decides to merge these great interests and Automotive Interior Exclusives was born. A company that evolves around the supercar and sensations accompanied by those incredible machines. 

As CEO of Automotive Interior Exclusives my job is to make sure every aspect of the company is staying on track, as well as looking at the road ahead. Aside from making strategic decisions, I am also responsible for the production process of our products. These are hand-crafted by me or by our fantastic partners. 

If you have any questions regarding products, business propositions/opportunities or Automotive Interior Exclusives (AIE) feel free to contact me!


Executive Manager Communications, John Ligtenberg

My love for supercars started when I have had my first ride as a passenger in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia as a child and that’s why Ferrari is my favorite car brand. So it is not very surprising my dream car is the Ferrari Enzo. This car is , in my opinion, the greatest Ferrari ever made. It is classic, exclusive, expensive and a real Prancing Horse !

And also most people drive their cars because the have to go from A to B, but I drive cars because I enjoy it. Whenever I have time I get the keys and take one of the cars for a drive. It gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom and happines. 

As Executive Manager of Communications, I maintain our relationship with our partners. Additionally, I manage social media pages, creating content and discovering opportunities in the vast digital world. 

If you have any questions about  our partners, partnerships or social media, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


John Automotive Interior Exclusives