The Dutch Merchant

Only the best!

We aspire to deliver the highest quality products and to go the extra mile our customer will be treated with a Lamborghini wine or a prestigious bottle of Carbon Champagne.

Visit the exclusive Dutch supplier of these amazing beverages at

Van Beynum BV

Laser sharp!

With the latest technology André van Beynum BV provides us with the finest custom metal work. From the smallest to industrial jobs they have amazing service and results.

Visit Andre at 

JD Customs

Creating bespoke verhicles.

JD Customs is the place to upgrade your car! Whether it is a new exhaust system, engine tune or their famous wraps, they are the place to be. 

Discover how you can personalize your car at

Meijers Autobedrijf BV

Seen our Urus product photos? Well, that white Urus is one of the many supercars from Meijers Autobedrijf, weddingcar- and supercarrental. 

They have a wide range of Rolls-Royces, even one previously owned by the Royal Family and some of the fastest supercars, all on Dutch licence plates. 

Always wanted to drive your dream car? Visit them at