Behold our products! Our range of interior pieces is still developping, we are always thinking of- and designing new interior pieces for you to enjoy in your interior. The possibilities are endless since we can build anything with any part of the wrecked supercar. Whether it is a bumper, steering wheel or a different part.  In addition we have one rule and that is to only use original parts from wrecked supercars. This is to create unique, passionate and beautiful pieces for you, the customer.

Currently are range consists of engine block wine racks, engine block tables and brake disc clocks. All products are made and designed in collaboration with you, the customer. This provides the opportunity to co-design the perfect interior piece based on your input and requirements. Customisation includes: car models, colours, materials, designs, logo’s and details. All products are delivered with a special booklet with information about the cars’ previous life, pictures of the building process and interesting facts. Our products are the perfect addition for a garage, office or mancave!

We hope you enjoy our products and if you have any questions or are interested in your one of a kind interior piece, feel free to contact us at any time!


We are always thinking- and developing new products. Our inspiration, somewhat sadly, comes alive when seeing the wreck of a supercar. Finding the beauty whithin such destruction  and trying to build worthy interior pieces in remembrance of the vehicle in question is our mission.

Products in development and coming soon are: 

    • Engine block tables
    • Alloy tables
    • Supercar lounge-set, including seats and table
    • The ultimate sim-racing simulator
Engine block table







After a long time of designing and brainstorming we are incredibly proud to present our brake disc clock range. There are a few things that make supercars tower over regular vehicles; acceleration, handling and, often forgotten, stopping power. To us brakes have always looked amazing on cars. Ulitmately a carbon ceramic disc with a bright coloured caliper and we could not resist to come up with an idea to convert this vital part of the supercar into a product. After weeks of designing and hundreds of ideas we came up with the brake disc clock.