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Brake disc clocks

Time is of the essence and being Petrolheads we designed these timeless pieces, each made with original parts of a crashed supercar revived an utterly stunning brake disc clock. Whether it is a wall, a table or a desk, clock. These clocks will instantly grab the attention from anyone who lays their eyes upon one. Nearly detail can be customised; the parts, colours, clock hands, materials and build to order and co-designed with you, all these clocks are truly unique. Interested in the options of one of these clocks? Feel free to contact us at any and we are delighted to assist you in designing the ultimate brake disc clock. 

*Prices are listed as base models, optional customizations will be individually arranged.

Truly custom-build

Rarity and exclusitivity are two of the pillars that give these clocks that extra edge of  beauty. Supercars themselves are rare to begin with and to have a clock with its unique story and custom-build to perfection is what we call the ultimate time-piece. Our ability to build clocks with custom specification is limited by to fluctuating supply and availability of parts. During this process we will discover and discuss all possibilities and what fits the requests best. 

If you have a wish or idea for your unique clock, please feel free to contact us at anytime and it is our pleasure to start the journey on designing the perfect clock hand-made for you!

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