Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus -The World's Biggest

The biggest brakes ever to be fitted to a car, made into a one of a kind clock for one lucky Petrolhead. This intimidating disc has a diameter of an immense 440 mm and that is what makes this Lamborghini Urus brake disc clock ultra special and an eyecatcher for every person in its surroundings. 

If you are not familiar with the car this disc was once fitted to, don’t worry. This disc is from one of the newest Lamborghini’s, it sparked a new trend in the SUV market and is a heated topic under the Petrolheads. It is of course… The Lamborghini Urus. It is a Carbon Ceramic disc and has carbon fiber accents in the centre of the clock. However if you prefer a different design it is fully customisable. Or look at our other designs.

The Story of this Urus

Now this case is quite unusual, because in most cases we use parts from cars that are completely destroyed. However in this case the car is still in tact, which is always a relief to hear, but the the question arises: What happened to this enourmous disc? And as silly as it may sound here is the story. 

The happy owner of this brand new Lamborghini Urus went to a track day, not too strange when you own a Lamborghini. After rounding up many laps the owner drove home, but decides to wash the car on the way back, because the car was very dusty. This is were mistakes were made. The brake disc were still very hot and they were then sprayed with cold water. Causing the disc to literally break and not able to be used anymore. The disc was practically brand new, which is such a shame. In addition these carbon ceramic discs are incredibly hard and can not be mended, 

Luckily we got hold of this unique disc and can turn it into a beautiful Lamborghini Urus brake disc clock.


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