Mercedes-benz AMG GT R

Mercedes AMG GTR clock

Mercedes AMG GT-R, the Green Monster

The Mercedes AMG GT R or also known as the Green Monster. There is no better name to define this incredible beast, the AMG GT R is the little brother to the AMG GT R Pro, but still a breath taking machine. It is also no wonder that this exact car is used as the official Safety Car in the highest level of motorsport competition, Formula 1. This beastis one of our favourite cars, the combination of incredible performance with usability is a unique proposition and is what makes this car so special. 

Because we love this car so much and a lot of you do as well, we decided to build a clock with this massive carbon ceramic front brake disc and caliper. This design is based around the colour Green Hell, however if you prefer a different design, colour scheme or lay-out, this clock is fully customizable to meet your perfect design. Or look at our other designs.

Subjects open to customization are:

  • Car of origin or specific model; the Gallardo has eleven different version, plenty of choice
  • Brake caliper colour; nearly every colour or shade is available
  • Colour brand name; this regards the Lamborghini lettering
  • Shape and colour clockhands; a wide range of designs will be displayed for you exclusively 
  • Clock interface; this included colour, material, logo and overall specifics.
  • Special materials; carbon fiber, titanium, alluminium

The Story

The AMG GT was the successor to the famous SLS model, also an icon in the supercar world. The long bonnet covering a thundering AMG V8, rear-wheel drive and an exhaust that creates noise that can be heard five miles away. The AMG GT, like its predecessor, has had numerous updates and different versions, each time making the car faster and more brutal. The AMG GT range consists of the regular GT, GT C, GT S, GT R and GT R Pro, spoiled for choice you would say. This green monster has a 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 producing 576 bhp and 700 Nm torgue. 

We usually use parts coming from a wrecked car, but luckily this GT R is still clocking up the miles. It is only that the brakes needed replacement, because its owner uses this machine as a daily driver, which also comes to show how amazing this car is. 

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R is the best of the best cars  that the German engineers at Mercedes AMG could achieve, for now, and this clock is just as iconic as the long bonnet, big V8, GT line of this pillar brand in the automotive world. 




Size: approx. 31 x 37x 12 cm

Weight: approx. 15 kg

Production number: #1 of #1

More info coming soon

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