Porsche 718 Cayman

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Porsche 718 Cayman, the ultimate sportscar

A Porsche 718 Cayman brake disc clock. Never change a winning team. Porsche scored a home-run in 1964 with the first Porsche 911, later to be an icon on the road. Staying true to its roots every new 911 is identifiable with the very first model, but they did make a variety of other sportscars based around the 911. For example this 718 Cayman, 

This clock is made from an original brake dis and brake caliper from a Porsche 718 Cayman and is customizable.

Subjects open to customization are:

  • Car of origin or specific model; the Gallardo has eleven different version, plenty of choice
  • Brake caliper colour; nearly every colour or shade is available
  • Colour brand name; this regards the Lamborghini lettering
  • Shape and colour clockhands; a wide range of designs will be displayed for you exclusively 
  • Clock interface; this included colour, material, logo and overall specifics.
  • Special materials; carbon fiber, titanium, alluminium

The Story of the Porsche Cayman

The Porsche 718 is the internal designation given to the third-generation Porsche Boxter/Cayman models built by Porsche. It was announced on 13 March 2012 at the Geneva AUto Show with sales starting early summer 2012. The 981 reflects the new design language from the 911 and the 918 Spyder hypercar, and features revised engine and transmission specifications. The car was powered by a 2,7L- or 3,4L six cylinder engine producing between 261 and 311 bhp. 

This Porsche 981 Cayman was bought by a track-day enthousiast and made many miles blasting on a track. Heavy braking-zones also take their toll on the discs and calipers and were in need of replacement. However these used parts are still stunning and make for a beautiful Porsche 718 brake disc clock!


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