Porsche 911

Porsche 911 clock

The Porsche 911, timeless

We absolutely adore the Porsche 911 as it is one of the all time greats. As a petrolhead you can not get around the 911, because it is always there, always amazing. Some say the 911 is not at the level of Ferrari or Lamborghini and for the base model, that is true when comparing the spec sheet. However, specifications only say that much and when driving a Porsche 911 you feel like you are the best driver in the world. 

This clock was build with a singular brake disc from the iconic 911 and has special interface design. But, if you prefer a different design, colour scheme or lay-out, this clock is fully customizable to meet your perfect design. Or look at our other designs.

Subjects open to customization are:

  • Car of origin or specific model; the Gallardo has eleven different version, plenty of choice
  • Brake caliper colour; nearly every colour or shade is available
  • Colour brand name; this regards the Lamborghini lettering
  • Shape and colour clockhands; a wide range of designs will be displayed for you exclusively 
  • Clock interface; this included colour, material, logo and overall specifics.
  • Special materials; carbon fiber, titanium, alluminium

The Story

The Porsche 911 has been an icon in the car world ever since its introduction back in 1963. A rear-engined sportscar specifically built for one purpose, driver experience. The 911 has always held its own recognisable design and flat-six engine, however a lot has changed over the years.  Car have become larger, faster, more powerful, safer and the list goes on and on. And still to this day Porsche is unmisseable in the supercar world.

Porsche produced an insane amount of cars over the year and with the older models having rear-wheel drive it what inevitable that some owners would lose control of their priced possession. As a result you could fill a gigantic cemetory with wrecked Porsches, but we don’t want any of that so we built this brake disc clock.



Size: approx. 31 x 37x 12 cm

Weight: approx. 15 kg

Production number: #1 of #911

More info coming soon

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